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Crystal Palace 2 - 1 Leeds United

What did we make of that?

For once, I'll tell you what I made of it.

Amazing... until Cooper worked himself into giving away a needless free kick (after Bamford should have given us the breathing space during that one-on-one)

Second half was disappointing as it felt like we were trying to walk the ball into the goal, while Palace were raining down shot after shot

One positive: Rasmus' best outing for us thus far... probably.

Ah well... on to the next.

Pink Cushion 31
Ben Ireland
Ben Ireland
16 oct. 2022

Leeds we’re the better team arsenal turned up to defend refs decisions were shit again Branford’s goal was fine his penalty was shit he shouldn’t have took it Rodrigo fuck off back to Spain well played adams struijk rasmus and Luis



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