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I feel sick. F*cking sick.

David Villamartin
Steven Manning
Ben Ireland
Dec 12, 2021

In hindsight I probably shouldn't have called Klich a "f*cking idiot" but at least I said it here and not to him on Twitter. Some of the Leeds fans on social media are actually a disgrace. We actually tried to beat the European champions instead of turning up and taking the obligatory pasting teams outside of the big 4 are expected to take. Not even two years back in the Prem and we are treating the guys that gave us our best moments as fans in a long time, like absolute dog sh1t. It's quite sad that for all the talk and bluster about how Leeds and our fans are on a different level, the reality is that we have an element of the base that act just like the Scum fans when the chips are down. It was genuinely naive of Klich to make the challenge where and how he did (and not think Chelsea would get the decision) but we were quick to forget the three players he beat to start the move that led to Geldhardt's goal. Anyway, proud of my team, less proud of myself.



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