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STOOP DERBY REACTION: Leeds United were definitely the better team yesterday for a lot of that match. But as I had said all week, you will definitely get a few chances but you HAVE TO SCORE! Bamford 🤦🏻‍♂️

Our “tactics” for the 2nd half were non existent because the press from Leeds was relentless and we couldn’t even catch our breath. A draw or a loss for us would not have surprised anyone after witnessing that. I agree with Tom that those are the type of wins you have to have if you’re contending for the title (still don’t think we are, but who knows). If Leeds United keep on with that type of ferocity they will be happily outside the relegation battle. Showed y’all can compete with anyone and Arsenal aren’t anywhere near the finished product. In the end, gotta say I was proud of that Stoop Derby.


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