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I am absolutely heartbroken, I’m ashamed of the way this has been dealt with. I’ve done nothing but back the board all the way through this but for them to be so spineless and not even announce it themselves and leak it to fucking TalkSPORT during the game is the lowest point in recent times. I will back whoever comes in 100% but I can’t forgive the board now for how they have handled this. A very very dark day for the club and for the first time I actually fear for our season.

A new manager gets the benefit of a good run of fixtures & key players returning whereas Bielsa got stiffed with 3 of the toughest games within 6 days after a ridiculously heavy pitch on the first game, all with a decimated squad.

New manager getting announced tomorrow…. The score line never mattered yesterday against spurs, had we won he was already done, I am absolutely disgusted with the whole thing.



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