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Missed the first half hour of tonight’s match but looked a decent game. Roberts and Costa under preforming again however.

Do they still have a role to play this season or should we look to loan em out or move em on?

Summerville and Greenwood are waiting in the wings after all.

James Lufc Reeves

Costa had only 15 mins, made himself busy, linked some play and had a shot deflected over for a corner.

Roberts had tremendous work rate, fulfilled his defensive duties, closed down leaving a bit of himself on a couple of their players, good movement, don’t remember him losing the ball, at one point left three of them for dead as they drew down on him and suffered from poor passes by others especially Klich who knocked it behind him when he probably would’ve been clean through. The answer is they aren’t going out on loan, both especially Roberts will play important roles as squad players.. Roberts wouldn’t have been rewarded with a brand new improved contract if Bielsa didn’t fancy him

You must have watched a different game Bobby.



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