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Sorry to say but outside of that beautiful strike by Ayling, Leeds were simply not good enough. Koch had no business in the middle, Struijk's new nickname is Crouton; Greenwood turned him into a tiny, burnt piece of toast. The passing was sub-par. And I'm not even going to address Meslier... Not a top flight performance.

James Lufc Reeves

Tend to agree with Bobby. First time Man U have started Fernandez and Pogba against which should be seen as a higher level of respect given. I’m the first to slate Pogba who is usually lazy. Yesterday he was magnificent as was Fernandez who dragged Koch all over the place. Alongside the under rated pairing of McTominay and Fred and with Speed merchants Greenwood and James and with a strong defence behind them they could take it in turns bombing forward. A completely different line up to the side that drew 0-0 at ER I felt Bielsa was using this as almost another game like pre season trying certain things. The performance was not great but if you look at the pace of the game throughout only today’s game Spurs City compares.

We’ll be fine. We will take a couple of spankings and hand a couple out ourselves. I watched the game a second time as I often do just to analyse it. Apart from a crazy 20 minutes it went as I expected and there were some good points to take out of the game. It’s all about learning as we go.



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