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So it appears that Conor Gallagher has chosen Crystal Palace over the mighty Leeds United.... but why? Why do you think he has?

A) He feels he has more chance of game time and getting straight in their first 11.

B) He's afraid of murderball.

Answers on a postcard please.

Solanum Linnaeanum
Solanum Linnaeanum
03. Aug. 2021

He's young, his girl and family are in London and he's watched American Werewolf in London. Thinks all Yorkshire folk are like that pub scene on the moors - Brian Glover holding court. It's enough to put Predator off, never mind a shandy-drinking mockney. F'ck him. I'd rather have Lewis O'Brien's AMAZING ears at my club (check them out, he's been scrummaging way above his pay grade).

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