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Do Leicester Spend Like a Top 4 Club?

If you look at net spend over the past 5 years, so thats how much they spend on transfers & wages minus recouped transfer fees, Leicester have a net spend of £123 million.

To put that in context, Arsenal have spent £332.73 mil

Chelsea £240.33 mil

Villa £221.42 mil

Everton £220.60 mil

Manchester City £418.52 mil

Man United £479.04 mil

My own club Leeds United have actually spent more over the past five years than Leicester City have with a net spend of £135 million and for three of those years we were in the championship.

So do Leicester spend like a top four club? No, not remotely and to suggest otherwise is really doing them a huge disservice. All figures from, the link is below.

Ben Ireland
Ben Ireland
Ben Ireland
Jan 20, 2022

Good research



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