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Sunday Premier League Hot Cakes

West Ham/Leeds 2-3

As a neutral fan, this match was a real banger. Like lots of goals? Check. Need a little controversy to roil the blood? Check. A Jack Harrison hat trick? Whaaa… This was a lot of fun to watch, right up to the final whistle. What wasn’t a lot of fun was listening to David Moyes complaining about the schedule his team has had to play in the last week. As my momma would say, “Tough Titties!” You play the cards you are dealt, and you play the schedule your given. I like David Moyes, but just as I don’t like it when Klopp, Tuchel and Arteta whine about whatever perceived injustices they think the league is subjecting them to, I don’t like it when Moyes does it. From the ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’ File: It sucks and it seems unfair but Rodrigo, even though he tried to get out of the way, was offside and the call was the right one. But hey, it was a great revenge win; one that looked improbable with Firpo and Forshaw coming off injured and West Ham equalizing 10 minutes later.

Liverpool/Brentford 3-0

The Premier League website’s headline for this result read, “Liverpool Beats Brentford To Keep Pressure On City.” Man, comedy gold I tell you. In otherwords, what a joke. Not gonna happen, no way! This is a race for second place and Liverpool are the favorites (Sorry Chelsea, Sorry Naji.) As far as the match goes: no Mane, no Salah, no problem. Brentford held tough for about a half and change but we knew the goals would come for Liverpool. As much as no one expects the Spanish Inquisition, no one expected Fabinho to score with his chief weapon of surprise. And fear. Fear and surprise. I first found this skit funny when I was about eleven; my inner eleven-year-old found it quite funny Minamino scored on his birthday. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink.



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