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Wildcard activated! Now I have until the 16th to pick a team that will frequently score until my next wildcard. 🤔

Oct 02, 2021

Okay Mr Tom, a Wildcard enables you to make unlimited free transfers between game week deadlines. You should play a Wildcard when you feel like making numerous changes to the team of yours. For instance, if your team is underperforming or has suffered a great number of injuries.

When altering your squad with a Wildcard, you have to stay within the current budget restraints. Do not think you are given an unlimited budget when making use of a Wildcard!

The fantasy league wildcard chip may be utilized twice a season, once in the first part of the season (before Sat 28 December,14:30, in the season of 2021/22), and the other time in the other half of the season. If you fail or forget to use a Wildcard in the first part of the season, it is expended and does not roll over to be used with your other one in the second part of the season.

Wildcards are triggered on the transfers page of your FPL team but do not activate until you've made and confirmed your transfers.

Follow these steps to play a Wildcard in your Fantasy Premier League:

1. Go to transfers by clicking the "Transfers" tab of the menu.

2. Remove all the players you want to get rid of. Do this by clicking the 'X' near a player's jersey. The number of points you lose will be displayed in a box at the center of the screen.

3. Once you have transferred more than 2 players out, a button 'Play Wildcard becomes active. You will find it next to 'Auto Pick' and 'Reset' buttons just above your team screen.

4. When you click the Wildcard button, a pop-up window will remind you that the Wildcard won't be activated until the transfers are made and confirmed.

5. Choose new players to replace the ones not needed in your team any longer and click 'Make Transfers'. Another box will pop up to confirm whether you really want to play the Wildcard.

6. Click 'Confirm Transfers (and Play Wildcard )' in case you are sure. You now have till the next game week deadline to tinker with your squad and make any corrections you want.

Hope that help’s!



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